Catalina the tortoise

-Tell me Catalina

¿where do you go?

-Little way, walking

slowly or galloping

I’m attentive, I go unhurriedly

because I know I’ll arrive.

¿Where? ¿When?

It doesn’t matter!


Little way, walking

slowly or galloping

I walk happy ,

enjoying the road

because I know I’ll arrive.


This little poem by my mother gives its name to my school.

“Learning to learn” as Idries Shah said.

Music is language, emotion, discipline, playing, creativity … It is a philosophy of life. To integrate it into our life from an early age enriches us, helping us develop both personal and social aspects.

In my classes I try to transmit the love for music and to provide a shelter for personal development, family learning and social enjoying of knowledge.

After more than twenty years teaching if something has become clear to me is that the evolution of each child is unique, and as Catalina Tortoise said: “slowly or galloping, I’m happy, enjoying the way”. To respect that and adapt the methods and techniques for each child at all times are the basis of my pedagogy.

Also, when you have been so long learning and teaching, there are things you consider to be indispensable, they are the ones that shape your own scope.

In my school, children have individual classes where they get to work aspects such as concentration, technique, effort, discipline and creativity; and group classes, which, in my opinion, are essential to develop social skills, language, history and their inner self through ludic activities.


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