In October 2013, I had the honour of having Antonio Muñoz Molina as a student in one of my first workshops of Music Appreciation on the Suites for violoncello solo J.S. Bach in La Central de Madrid. At the end of the workshop, he wrote an article in the music magazine Scherzo: “La forma va por dentro”. So I discovered that he was a classical music lover and had written several articles about Spanish young musicians. Antonio Galera, a Valencian pianist of my generation, is one of them.

We contacted through social networks (a tweet here, a like over there, “I read your article”, “good luck for the concert”, “what a great picture!” and emoticons among all). One day, Antonio had an express visit to Madrid and wrote me so we could finally meet. We met in a downtown cafeteria and in just an hour, we shaped the world. Everything flowed, he told me how he met Elvira Lindo and Munoz Molina, we talked about music, our careers, our teachers, our friends in common and especially how we like to work. We corresponded on the need to share music, talk, discuss, think and grow with a musical partner. We decided that with time and doing well we would make music together.

I went home happy and excited, I think he did too because five days after our meeting, he called me. He had many chamber concerts coming and the quartet, with which he was going to play them, had issues on the dates. He offered me to set a program together. This meant a great effort on working and traveling, juggling busy schedules, assemble a very demanding trio repertoire in a very short time… anyways, what we said we did not want to do. But with such enthusiasm, I obviously accepted!

Sometimes life weaves its way, and shows different possibilities than the ones we imagine, and these opportunities occasionally become great beginnings. This is what happened to Antonio and I. This way (unexpected, exciting and willing to start a path) our duet, Azquinezer-Galera, was born.


Long live music and its strength!