The young cellist Iris Azquinezer equally exhibits enormous courage and a deep poetic spirit. Whether live or recorded, Iris plays the cello from the inside, from the soul of both the instrument and her being. Leaning on a fabulous technique, this cellist raised in Arenas de San Pedro and musically educated in Germany, makes her instrument speak in a voice that evenly moves, captivates and excites. Gifted with a great power of communication, Azquinezer belongs to that breed of musicians incapable of leaving anyone indifferent. We are undoubtedly facing a figure that will give the music world plenty to talk about for the coming years”.
Juan Lucas (El arte de la fuga)

From time to time, there are records that come out of nowhere and surprise for their beautiful daring” Azul y Jade”, Iris Azquinezer’s first record complies with these two aspects..
Stefano Russomanno (ABC cultural)

Iris Azquinezer’s interpretation touches the listener, away from exaggerations or dramatic effects. The fascination Iris feels for Bach suites offers an interpretation of great sensitivity. An excellent technique and extensive study merge together at the service of music as a language of the soul. The warmth of her sound “slips under the skin”. Iris Azquinezer’s compositions, some of them with soundscapes of nature, become appropriate interludes of Bach suites. Her works are magical flashes of personal emotions, images and feelings, expressed through the language of the cello, as in her interpretations of Bach”.
Prof. Diemut Poppen