Zaruk is a dream. the kind that takes time to shape: you have an idea, an intuition that slowly, unhurriedly, takes form.

I’m very fortunate to record my albums with Andrés Vázquez, a great professional who accompanies me, helps me achieve my dreams and listens to me.

Andrés is a little matchmaker as well and from time to time, when people record in his studio, he thinks of you. He once gave me a CD by Rainer, a German guitar player who had recorded there. He thought we could match and that one day, we could get to do something together. He offered his studio so we could meet.

I attended the concert in which Rainer released his album “Viento Adentro”. Andrés must have had given Rainer my CD too, cause he was at my album’s (Azul y Jade) release as well. There was something about him that I liked, something that I find hard to find in professional musicians: I had the feeling he had a true love for music.  I thought his world was subtle, humble, intimate; and something lighted up inside of me: maybe he was a person with whom I could create.

In July 2015, I decided I had to carry through some of the projects I was putting together within myself. I had to take them out, otherwise, they would eat me. I remembered Rainer had called me to start a project together during a time I wasn’t available to do it but I have always kept the feeling I wanted to know more about him and his music.. I called him, we met for lunch, and he came with his lovely daughter Lena. We talked, and I told him I wanted to recover the songs my mother used to sing to me when I was little: Sephardic songs we used to sing together in every trip and family reunion, the sounds of my memories and my childhood.

In this original mixture of memories, encounters and fantasy, Zaruk was born. A cello and guitar duet in which we revisit Sephardic songs, merging them with our own sound. New creations that

fuse our present with our traditions” I like to dream that in the sea of silence, there is a sonorous land called Zaruk.