RESH project

The “RESH” (in Spanish acronym for: recovery of historical sound space) project aims to provide each town of Spain the opportunity to revitalize the architectural and sound space of its historic buildings, filling them with cello music, an instrument capable to reach an enormous expressive potential.

Bringing music to churches, chapels, monasteries, cloisters and palaces, will congregate the community around historical and cultural centers in their villages, giving the public the opportunity to have a direct and accessible experience with a music specially chosen for this project under two parameters: It has chosen a combination of music of marked Spanish traits such as G. Cassadó, and mystical tone like as J.S. Bach.

The combination of a repertoire filled with pieces of high spirituality and pieces that remind us of the tradition of Spanish music intends to be a way to provide a sound experience that can, using the symbolic potential of the place, underscore the value of our historical spaces and our musical tradition.

The cello, an instrument which its tessitura is equal to the human voice and is especially capable of creating emotions, is in its natural habitat in these centers. Created for the acoustics this type of space offers, its expressive potential will be naturally amplified by the architectural design, which accompanies and exalts its vibrations

While the revitalization of these sites has used to be expensive and complicated, the “RESH” project aims to provide a low cost highly effective alternative to bring life into our historic buildings so they can continue to play an important role in the life of the community life.