Music programme propositions

1. Azul y Jade (Blue & Jade)

Synaesthesia inspired the name of this union between the first two Bach Suites and works by Iris Azquinezer. Different languages are intertwined enhancing expression, listening and devotion. It is a captivating and enchanting concert

2. Blanco y Oro (White & Gold)

The second record of a trilogy that unites Bach’s Suites with Azquinezer’s own works, composed along the same tonalities of the great musician from Eisenach. J. S. Bach’s Third and Fourth Suites for cello soloare the main pieces of this album, the C Major (White) and the E flat Major (Gold).

3. Spanish Cello

A one-hour concert in which the interpreter embarks upon a sonorous route along diverse regions and epochs of Spain through works of G. Cassadó, E. Casals, M. Manchado and I. Azquinezer. A display of odours, images and secret places that make us dream.


4. Preluding music (before the music)

The interpreter introduces us into her sonorous imaginaire and into her particular approach to expression and art. It interweaves music and word, time and intention, through the preludes composed for cello solo throughout history by J. S. Bach, M. Reger, S. Gubaidulina, G. Cassadó, E. Casals and I. Azquinezer.